New Teacher Training Course

Learning Guide

As a STEM based school our vision is to support teachers and create a school where “educational technology” helps to:

  • Deliver more engaging lessons
  • Support project based learning
  • Promote collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking
  • Prepare students for the rapidly changing 21st Century
  • Be independent, discriminating and reflective when choosing when to use technology
  • Understand and Integrate Digital Citizenship into their lessons

KMIDS Teachers are committed to ensure students are fully engaged in their learning and use ICT to support this aim. The School hopes to provide many professional development opportunities for teachers to ensure they are kept up to date with the best ICT tools.

We strongly recommend that new teachers review the following learning materials in preparation for the upcoming year:


Step 1 – Learn RenWeb

What is RenWeb? Teachers will use RenWeb to post grades, write student comments and take attendance.  Parents and students can login to the web portal to check their grades.  RenWeb…

Step 2 – Learn Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams? Starting in the 2019 – 2020 Academic Year KMIDS will use Microsoft Teams as its Learning Management System.  For those of you who have used Google…

Step 3 – Update Your Microsoft Office Skills

Microsoft Office KMIDS is a Microsoft Office school therefore the more you familiarize yourself or upgrade your skills the more productive your teaching practice will become.  The I.T. Team recommends…

Get Set Up

Microsoft Office Email & Password

Raymond will provide you with a Microsoft Office Account.  The school provided access to both Office 365 and the desktop version of Microsoft Office Professional.  


The school will provide a laptop for each teacher.  The teacher is responsible for the laptop and it must remain in the country.

RenWeb Password

The school will provide you with a password for RenWeb, the school’s Student Information System.  RenWeb is used for attendance and grading.  We strongly encourage you to take the training course.

ID Card, Printer Access, Etc.

The school will also provide you with an ID Card to enter & exit the school.  You can also use the I.D. card to access the copier machine/printer.

“Learners in the internet age don’t need more information. They need to know how to efficiently use the massive amount of information available at their fingertips – to determine what’s credible, what’s relevant, and when its useful to reference.”