Build a Computer Project 

Remember to turn all your work on Microsoft Teams by the assigned date.

Students at KMIDS are are learning how to build their own computers.  Over the coming weeks you will learn how to build your very own gaming computer.  You will be expected to do the following:

  1. watch a video
  2. create a spreadsheet
  3. create a Powerpoint.

 Part 1 – Watch a Video

Please watch the video and list all the steps mentioned in the video.  Please type a summary of each step in Microsoft Word.  After you will submit your Word file to Microsoft Teams.


Part 2 – Excel Spreadsheet

A.  What parts do you need? 

You need to make sure all parts are compatible and fit the computer case.  For a list of all parts needed please you may want to visit: 


B.  Where do I order my parts?

For this project you are required to order your parts from an online supplier.  Are you really going to make us spend our money?  No, this is just hypothetical!

You can order parts from: 

Invasion IT – 

Banana IT  – 

You must remember to purchase all the necessary components and software to build a computer.  You should create a spreadsheet similar to the one listed below. 

   Example of Student Work (Pin G10)


  Your spreadsheet must have the following:

  1.  Title with larger font.
  2. Column headings (Name of Computer Part, Part Description, Quantity, Brand, Notes, Price, Link to Product)
  3. All parts of a computer however you don’t need to include cables as they generally are supplied when you purchase a mainboard, power supply, etc.
  4. Links to your product should be shortened with
  5. Total Cost
  6. Attractive formatting (colors and fonts)

Part 3 – PowerPoint

The next step is to build a slide for each component (computer part) containing the same information as the slide below:

Example of student work (Toffy G10)

 Your slide should contain the following:

  1. Title
  2. Part Description
  3. Price
  4. Link – you should shorten your link with
  5. Embed or link to your Excel Spreadsheet.
  6. A slide that includes the following:
    1. Where do you download the drivers for your computer?
    2. What software will you install?  Take a look at
    3. What software will you use to keep your computer running smoothly?




This project will count for 25% of your grade. 

Score  1  2  3  4 
Excel Spreadsheet  Spreadsheet is poorly formatted and is missing significant data, links, information, total cost.  Spreadsheet is missing some data, links, information, costs, total cost.  Spreadsheet is nicely formatted and contains nearly all data, links, information, costs and total cost.  Spreadsheet is well designed and contains all data, links and information. 
Powerpoint of Prezi  Slides contain little information and are poorly designed  Slides are average and are missing a photo, costs, description or link.  Slides are well designed and have a photo, cost, description and link.  Slides have a nice design and contain no missing information 
Video/Word Document  Did not Answer questions.  Answered the questions but did not put a lot of thought or effort into answers.  Clearly understands how to care for computer and answered questions with few mistakes.  Demonstrates a good understanding of how to care for a computer. 
Effort  Poor 


Fair  Above Average  Excellent 





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